Friday, 4 May 2012

How we select and reject our poor !

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                      In India a quota is allotted to each state for selecting the poor, so poor in Punjab may be rich in Jharkhand and poor in Delhi. So state-wise poor count looks more into states than as a country.
Though SC has given a judgement that BPL card is valid all over the country but there is no mechanism to ensure its implementation. The census of poor is done every 6 months by the panchayat and if a poor manages to have some job in a city, his name is out of the poverty register untill he again falls in the trap of poverty.
Therefore to be poor is a sad story but to get it certified in the form of a BPL Card further makes is worst.
The poor people of Orrisha does not have money to purchase ration even at subsidized rates, but nobody have though how to overcome this problem.
here are some of the links to India's story of poors !,1518,410345,00.html

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