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Innovation - Growth Engine for Nation- Book by Dr. Rajiv Dharaska


Great job done by Dr. Rajiv Dharaska, my congratulations, copy paste above links on web for book,

With GOD grace, I could complete my dream project, the book namely

- Growth Engine for Nation -
Nice Buzzword but Often Misunderstood

(644 pages with 693 References)

In most simplified way, this book explains the Inner Dynamics of the concept of Innovation from A to Z.

To avoid re-registration problem at my website and for the convenience of readers of my book, I am forwarding the PDF file of this book directly through email to all previously registered users (who had downloaded my previous books). In addition to this I am forwarding this book to all my Facebook and LinkedIn contacts.

In USA, Innovation supports at least 40 million jobs and contribute 34.8 % US GDP. South Korea, the Top most Innovative country of the World could raise GDP (PPP) per capita to $33140. India is just at $5410 (123rd position in the world). Innovation is must for economic growth & to become developed nation. But in the Innovation Decade (2011-2020), India slipped 10 ranks (from 66 to 76th position) in Global Innovation Index 2014. How to improve this situation? How to introduce the culture of Innovation in India? What are the root causes of poor Innovation Ecosystem in India? What is the importance of Innovation Clusters? What are the best practices all over the world? How to introduce innovation in industry and R&D labs? How to introduce innovation in Academia? How to enhance employability through Innovation Competencies? I would like to answer these question with the help of hundreds of interesting case studies.

I would like to ignite millions of human brain for innovation through this venture. I am sure once you read few pages of this book, you will be in love with this book. It’s for everybody; from industry to academia; from government authorities to office staff; from parents to students; from faculty of medicine or engineering to faculty of Arts; from small scale businessman to corporate house. I have written this book in such way that everybody should be benefited and start thinking creatively. Before my final departure from this world, I would like to see our nation as Developed Nation. It can happen only through Innovation.

I am sure, after “Skill India” and “Make in India” the next slogan will be “Innovation India”.

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  • Please help me to circulate this book among all educated persons related to academics (Engineering, Medicine, Management, Law, Pharmacy, Arts, and Commerce), Industry, Government Authorities, IT Professionals, Politicians, Decision Makers, Parents, and Students of every discipline.

Jai Hind

Dr. Rajiv Dharaskar
Ph.D. (Computer Engineering)
Director MPGI Group of Institutes Integrated Campus

Dr. Rajiv Dharaskar
Ph.D.(Computer Engg.),M.Tech.(Comp.),M.Phil, M.Sc., DCS,
MPGI Group of Institutes Integrated Campus, Nanded
Mobile : +91 7507777501,  8087979393

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Helping make rabies immunoglobulins affordable to poor- experiments for low cost

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Making Rabies treatment affordable to the poor !

Dear Friends,
                     its a long time since I could interact with you all on my blog, sorry. Actually now a days I am busy in designing a way out for cheaper treatment to animal bite victims i.e. for rabies immunoglobulins, RIGs. RIGs are essentially given to all patients having bite that is deep and blood oozes out of the bite. the bite may be as small as a needle prick but still we are supposed to give costly RIGs that may cost Rs. 1200-20,000.
Earlier I tried to bring the cost of rabies vaccination from 2200/- to 300/- that saved milion of rupees of poor patients and the governments, now I wish to bring the cost of RIGs from 30,000 to 300, so that more patients can afford them and save their lives. If all patients of deep bite opt for RIGs, 5% of deaths due to rabies can be prevented. They currently donot do so because the RIGs are unaffordable.

With your blessings I hope I would succeed and share with you my experiments for those who can not afford RIGs the way they are prescribed.

Thanks and regards,

Dr. Omesh Bharti, Shimla,India