Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Copy of my email to tehelka 4 yrs back warning them of deterioration !

dear editor,
I am forwarding you an email sent in 2009 regarding eroding values at Tehelka. I hope lessons will be learnt and tehelka not made to depend on individuals rather it should build institutions. But may be enough time is not available for that !

pl. listen to ordinary emotional individuals sometimes !
God save tehelka and give wisdom to who run it so as to work for the poor !

Dr. Omesh Kumar Bharti
Corporation Health Officer
Municipal corporation, Shimla-1
Himachal Pradesh, India.

On Tuesday, 23 June 2009 8:01 AM, Omesh Bharti wrote:
Dear Editor,
tehelka had done a lot and we wish it to do more. I am the founder subscriber to Tehelka and had contribute Rs. 6000/- in those days when my friends used to say it won't work.
I am writing this as my subscription ends next year and I am not straight to say yes I should subscibe to Tehelka because i think Tehelka is slowly moving into a trap of market economy and need to do more serious business than the routine fashion designing. I know it is more easy to say than to do, but that is why Tehelka was born.
See the latest issue how much space it gave to un-necessary politics of BJP, compare it to Down to earth, how much space it has given to the common man and environment!

I can say tehelka needs serious introspection and need to remember its vision in the fifth year of its publication without carrying away in favour of any party or personality or against them.

Dr. Omesh Bharti
Directorate of Health Services
Himachal Pradesh

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