Sunday, 20 July 2014

Making Rabies treatment affordable to the poor !

Dear Friends,
                     its a long time since I could interact with you all on my blog, sorry. Actually now a days I am busy in designing a way out for cheaper treatment to animal bite victims i.e. for rabies immunoglobulins, RIGs. RIGs are essentially given to all patients having bite that is deep and blood oozes out of the bite. the bite may be as small as a needle prick but still we are supposed to give costly RIGs that may cost Rs. 1200-20,000.
Earlier I tried to bring the cost of rabies vaccination from 2200/- to 300/- that saved milion of rupees of poor patients and the governments, now I wish to bring the cost of RIGs from 30,000 to 300, so that more patients can afford them and save their lives. If all patients of deep bite opt for RIGs, 5% of deaths due to rabies can be prevented. They currently donot do so because the RIGs are unaffordable.

With your blessings I hope I would succeed and share with you my experiments for those who can not afford RIGs the way they are prescribed.

Thanks and regards,

Dr. Omesh Bharti, Shimla,India

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